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Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How soon and why Calgary Tek IT Support book clients for appointments? 

Usually our appointment is on the same day. We book in clients to avoid overlapping and waiting. In addition, to abide by the rules implemented by the City of Calgary regarding business operating from a residential community,  we are only permitted to welcome limited amount of clients per week. 

2. What is the average turnaround time at Calgary Tek IT Support ?

On average our service time is about 24 to 48 hours. When we book you in it means your device will go directly to one of our repair bays. Computers that requires long system scanning, data migration and OS updates that consumes a lot of time are left running overnight  to expedite service. 

3. What is the mode of payment Calgary Tek IT Support accepts? 

Calgary Tek takes cash, check, e-cash transfer ,debit and credit card payment.

4. How long does it take to reinstall Windows or Mac OSX?  

Reinstalling operating system, may be it OSX or Windows, could take about an hour but getting all the hardware drivers and all security updates consume a lot of time. When we do a clean reinstallation, we also make sure all the updates are harvested and up to date. We may have the tools to expedite the process but there are some operating systems that requires us to tap  into the OS companies servers (on-line) to harvest it all.. Another factor is when there is a data migration involved. When we do a complete wipe and reload we have to make sure we backup the data prior to reloading the OS and migrating the data back when completed. The bigger the data the longer the process takes. 

5.What is involved and how long does data migration (data back-up) takes?

When we migrate data, we use a special tool to make sure nothing will be missed. Besides being accurate in copying files, the tool we use has its own interface which we can only see file names, folders and a progress bar. None of our clients personal data will be exposed or be seen during the process. The tool having its own interface also does not allow us to speed things up, the tool works its way on its own.  

6. Why Calgary Tek strongly recommends SSD upgrade or replacement?  

Reasons why we strongly recommend SSD upgrade: number one would be for computers that we diagnosed  with a dying hard drive. Secondly, machines that would have slower and older processors that's having a hard time keeping up with bloated OS updates.  SSD is made up of chips to store data and no moving parts hence they are more robust. SSD is also at least 5 times faster than the traditional hard drives.  With SSD upgrade, expect faster overall computer performance and longer device obsolescence.     


Process involved with the upgrade to SSD would be OS reinstallation (refer to “4”) and Data Migration (refer to “5”)    


7. Why virus removal takes time for Calgary Tek IT Support while other shops can do it at a lesser time?

Detecting and eliminating the obvious virus infection is fairly easy and fast to work on but our comprehensive virus / malware removal takes approximately 24 to 48 hours. We mean comprehensive since we use multiple process and multiple tools to target and eliminate specific threats and threats that are hiding. The tools we use scans the whole computer like all programs and data where infections usually hides, the more programs and data the longer the process takes.  


8. How long is the service warranty of Calgary Tek IT Support and what does it cover?

All our services are covered with 30 days warranty; though newly installed software, new viruses acquired by the client and Windows updates after the serviced date that may cause programs or hardware to fail are no longer covered. Our warranty covers only the same or related issue.   

9. Does Calgary Tek IT Support supply parts for customers?

In general, Calgary Tek IT Support do not supply parts for customers but we can gladly order parts on behalf of our clients. Warranty, shipping time and shipping conditions completely depends from the suppliers or manufacturers terms. If Calgary Tek IT Support ordered parts for our customers, our warranty only covers the workmanship or service rendered and does not cover warranty for the parts.   

10. Can Calgary Tek IT Support reinstall or install programs (software)?

Calgary Tek IT Support will only install or reinstall licensed software and clients are required to provide credentials, original software DVD and passwords.

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