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Calgary Tek Rates and Services

Prices may change without prior notice

$25   Quick Fix​ ​(drop off)

  • Flat Rate (1st 30 mins)

$35   Log-in Password Removal

Proof of ownership required

$35   Tune-Up (drop off)

  • Computer health and security assessment

  • Virus / malware scanning

  • Registries cleaning

  • Operating system optimization and updates

  • Device driver updates

$55    New Computer Setup (drop off)

  • Bloatware removal

  • OS updating

  • Machine optimization

  • Customization (according to customer's request)

  • Users interface simplification

  • (2) licensed programs install (e.g. MS Office & Antivirus)

  • Email configuration (excluding old email migration)


$85   Virus Removal (drop off)

  • Comprehensive virus / malware scanning and removal

  • Registries cleaning  

  • Operating system optimization and updates  

  • Device driver updates

  • Antivirus software installation (upon request)

$95    OS Reinstallation (drop off)

This service covers:  

  • Hard drive failure that needs replacement

  • Upgrade from hard disc drive to solid state

  • Computers heavily infected with stubborn viruses

  • Operating system badly corrupted

  • Restoring computer back to original factory settings   

additional services that may be applicable with OS Reinstallation:

  • $20 defective HDD removal & installation of new HDD (for buried HDD only)

  • $35 data backup (data & photos harvest from defective HDD to new HDD

(data harvesting from a defective HDD is not always feasible)   

  • $5 per licensed programs reinstall & reactivation (MS office, antivirus)

$25     Basic E-mail Management

$95     Comprehensive E-mail Management

$65     Data Backup (drop off)

  • From one source drive to one backup drive  


$20     Data Wipe (drop off)

  • HDD removal from machines for recycling

  • HDD complete data wipe (completely zero data)

Parts Install


  • $50  Major part install 

  • $25  Minor part install


  • $65  Major part install 

  • $45  Minor part install 


$10  New hardware driver installation

Software Install (without any service)

$15 (1) Program installation and activation​​

$30 /hr Tutorials (Coaching)

  • Windows 10

  • Microsoft Office

    • Word, Outlook or PowerPoint​

  • Apple iPad or iPhone

  • Android Tablet or Phone

  • Data Management

    • Organizing file folders (documents, photos, etc.)

  • Email Management

    • MS Outlook or Webmail (Shaw or Telus)​

$60 /hr Remote Tech Support

  • +$15 per succeeding 30 minute

       Watch us fix your computer from your

       home over the internet.

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