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One of Calgary Tek core values is how to extend obsolesces. We continuously research to find ways for modern parts to work with older machines significantly improving performance and being at par with present technology extending years of usability.

Another benefit from a rebuild is the oppurtunity to tailor-fit the machine to what is important for you to accomplish and get the job done.


Beyond upgrades we also repurpose older computers to work as a server for businesses or multimedia server for home entertainment commonly known as HTPC's. Besides hardware we also devote a lot of time exploring alternative open source (free) softwares for the same reason of stretching the life of aging computers.  


A home theater PC (HTPC) or media server is a computer with applications that supports video, photo, audio playback. It can work independently connected to your home entertainment system or have it connected to your network and in no time as an awesome streaming machine to any household devices.  It is like your very own Spotify© and Netflix©. more images


A Server is a computer that stores data that is shared over a network and is an ideal solution to store and help collaborate your business information among employees and their individual devices.


For a home use perspective that data can be the kids school project, family photos or whatever data you have on your devices saving you monthly cloud storage fee freeing up space on each family devices.


A home grade and small business server does not require  hardware muscles to run. Most older computers can be repurposed for this simple task. more images


So Microsoft© ended support for your Windows© Vista and most applications are no longer supported and can not run properly. Basically all you use your computer for is just to email,  browse the internet and some word documents. There is an alternative operating system that requires only minimal hardware power that can replace the unsupported Vista called Linux©. For basic computing, Linux can run all new applications from an old machine stretching few more years for your aging PC.   


Air gapping is a measure employed to computers to physically be isolated from the internet in which most data and personal information can be compromised. Air gap computers works exactly the same way as any computers except it is designed not to be connected to  the internet which one can securely save or work on sensitive data like previous income tax or bank statements. An old PC may be it a laptop or desktop can work as an air gap machine. It may sound simple but air gapping requires hardware and software preparation to work securely.


Air gap machines are designed to work as a secondary and backup machine. It works hand in hand with a full operational computer.

All rebuilds or repurpose machines are subject for technical evaluation prior to any upgrades or modifications.

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