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Calgary Tek Rates and Services

Prices may change without prior notice


computer problem assessment and recommendations

FREE  Diagnostics (drop off) “No fix No fee”

$25      Diagnostics device pickup & delivery

            (plus pickup & delivery charge)

$95      Diagnostics in home service

            (per hour rates apply)

$25   Quick Fix​ ​(drop off)

  • Flat Rate (1st 30 mins)

$35   Log-in Password Removal

Proof of ownership required

$35   Tune-Up (drop off)

  • Computer health and security assessment

  • Virus / malware scanning

  • Registries cleaning

  • Operating system optimization and updates

  • Device driver updates

$55    New Computer Setup (drop off)

  • Bloatware removal

  • OS updating

  • Machine optimization

  • Customization (according to customer's request)

  • Users interface simplification

  • (2) licensed programs install (e.g. MS Office & Antivirus)

  • Email configuration (excluding old email migration)


$85   Virus Removal (drop off)

  • Comprehensive virus / malware scanning and removal

  • Registries cleaning  

  • Operating system optimization and updates  

  • Device driver updates

  • Antivirus software installation (upon request)

$95    OS Reinstallation (drop off)

This service covers:  

  • Hard drive failure that needs replacement

  • Upgrade from hard disc drive to solid state

  • Computers heavily infected with stubborn viruses

  • Operating system badly corrupted

  • Restoring computer back to original factory settings   

additional services that may be applicable with OS Reinstallation:

  • $20 defective HDD removal & installation of new HDD (for buried HDD only)

  • $35 data backup (data & photos harvest from defective HDD to new HDD

(data harvesting from a defective HDD is not always feasible)   

  • $5 per licensed programs reinstall & reactivation (MS office, antivirus)

$25     Basic E-mail Management

$95     Comprehensive E-mail Management

$65     Data Backup (drop off)

  • From one source drive to one backup drive  


$20     Data Wipe (drop off)

  • HDD removal from machines for recycling

  • HDD complete data wipe (completely zero data)

Parts Install


  • $50  Major part install 

  • $25  Minor part install


  • $65  Major part install 

  • $45  Minor part install 


$10  New hardware driver installation

Software Install (without any service)

$15 (1) Program installation and activation​​

$30 /hr Tutorials (Coaching)

  • Windows 10

  • Microsoft Office

    • Word, Outlook or PowerPoint​

  • Apple iPad or iPhone

  • Android Tablet or Phone

  • Data Management

    • Organizing file folders (documents, photos, etc.)

  • Email Management

    • MS Outlook or Webmail (Shaw or Telus)​

$60 /hr Remote Tech Support

  • +$15 per succeeding 30 minute

       Watch us fix your computer from your

       home over the internet.

$95 /hr Home Service  

  • +$45 per succeeding 30 minute

Meter starts from your doorstep

  • New printer setup

  • Router (wi-fi) setup

  • Wi-fi signal improvement

  • Email configuration

  • Centralized data backup

  • Smart home device set-up 

Amazon echo, Google Home, Smart plugs​,

Arlo, D-Link camera



Part of our pick-up and delivery is assisting you in disconnecting and connecting back your devices then we will happily show you all the fix we did on your device. If you need us to install like a printer, set up your email and further coaching on other issues we offer $15 per 30 minutes a discounted rate on top of your current service.


$10 One Way

+ standard service rates

  • Somerset

  • Bridlewood

  • Evergreen

  • Millrise

  • Shawnessy

  • Midnapore


$15 One Way

+ standard service rates

  • Sundance

  • Chaparral

  • Silverado

  • Belmont

  • Walden


$20 One Way

+ standard service rates

  • Southland

  • Anderson

  • Acadia

  • De Winton

  • Auburn Bay

  • Cranston

  • Legacy

Although we perform all services listed above in your home, there are issues we strongly recommend to do a home pickup & delivery instead of home service, our technician will gladly assess what is best.  

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