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Welcome to Calgary Tek IT Support

Calgary Tek IT Support is a home based business providing tech support specializing in personal computer repairs (virus removal, Windows 10 crashing, OS reinstallation), computer upgrades and peripherals that goes with it like networking, wireless signal improvement and devices unification just to mention a few. Besides working from our basement tech bench, Calgary Tek also does on-site repairs, device pick up and delivery.

​Calgary Tek was formed having personalized service in mind compared to a retail computer repair shop, our goal is quality work, handling only minimum number of customers to assure staying focused on the job. In addition, being a home based business our repair rates are very reasonable

Our niche market are micro businesses, freelancers, self employed consultants and home users. Our goal is to be the regular IT support and to be with them as their needs change as they grow without the high cost, monthly premium or memberships of big IT support companies.


If you have any inquiries about our services and rates, please feel free to contact Calgary Tek anytime.

Calgary Tek IT Support's Core Service Values:

  • Our recommendations will always be practical but with the highest quality.

  • We explain to customers everything in lay-man’s term

  • We will never recommend or use parts we do not personally use

  • We will not create issues just to inflate your bill 

About Calgary Tek IT Support

And key people behind the business


Andrei has been a computer geek since childhood. From an 8-bit gaming console to desktop gaming pc. When he completed his high school in Ateneo de Manila and moved to Calgary in 2011, he pursued his passion and took up network system administration at CDI College earning him certifications for Microsoft Office and training for CCNA, ICNE, Windows Server Management and CompTIA A+.


His natural inclination in understanding how computers work and not be afraid to take it apart and work on it lead him to build and continuously modify his own machine. Along the way he built and upgraded countless computers among his gaming peers, neighbors and family.

Calgary Tek's On-Site and
Network Tech

Late 2016, he discovered a new interest in finance and went back to school to take up Business Administration. His current education would give him early training serving Calgary Tek as the bookkeeper besides being the field (on-site) technician and custom PC builder as his primary roles.


Right after graduating from the University of Santo Tomas, College of Engineering he immediately started his career with Electro-Systems (Bose, Philippines) for more than a decade as a systems sales engineer then eventually as a contractor doing systems design and custom installation for residential and commercial applications.  When he moved to Calgary in 2011, he again worked briefly for Bose Showroom at Southcentre then moved to a well known computer retailer as a technology consultant, computer technician and currently doing part-time as a technology area sales representative. 

Calgary Tek's Resident Tech

Although, his first love is audio, specifically in the field of classic solid state mosfet hi-fi systems, he shares the same passion for information technology. His first computer was a Commodore 64 during the early 80s and at present spends a lot of his free time rebuilding old computers finding new purpose for it. On the software side he continuously experiments on open source operating systems and open source softwares. 

His primary responsibilities at Calgary Tek IT Support besides being the full-time resident technician and systems designer, he is also in-charge of the over-all business operations and social media management.   

If you have any inquiries about our services and rates, please feel free to contact Calgary Tek anytime.

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